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Dear 2019

Dear 2019,

I’m thankful you were the last year of an eventful decade—the year we welcomed our daughter, Tilly, and became a family of four.

Ten years ago, I was 26, an avid runner & budding yogi, about to get married to my best friend and working in marketing in Boston. I’m closing this decade at 36, still married to my best friend, still marketing, but now a proud mother of two beautiful children, a yoga teacher and retreat leader, a dog mom (this is our 9th year with Tucker, he’s 14!), a seasoned gardener, a runner on hiatus, and an aspiring bee keeper.

The last ten years have been very eventful— from completing law school and passing 2 BAR exams (Rick) to making career changes (both of us) to moving 4 times (Scituate > Boston > Scituate > Norwell), birthing two babies (all me), learning how to be parents (teamwork), facing loss (family and friends), figuring out how to grow with one another, becoming better versions of ourselves, and learning to forgive (each other and ourselves). I think we will carry the lessons of the last ten years into the next and well beyond.

While 2019 felt complicated, as so many do, I’m grateful for the blessings AND challenges. The biggest challenges? A hard second pregnancy, birthing my daughter naturally after induction, postpartum blues, and adjusting to two kids.

The biggest blessings? Strangely similar. A second pregnancy, birthing my daughter naturally after induction, Tilly joining our family, Bodie continuing to grow into the sweetest boy and big brother, Tucker sticking it out another year, my yoga practice getting me through the craziness of motherhood and life, being married to my best friend—an amazing human who works so hard to provide for our family, is the best Dad and who makes me laugh every single day.

2019, thank you for taking my parenting lessons to the next level. Thank you for reminding me to surrender. Thank you for throwing me off balance many times so that I could find my way back again. Thank you for shaking things up. Thank you for being the perfect ending to the last ten years. Thank you for giving me hope for the future. My heart is FULL. Happy New Year all!

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