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The New Smoking

Did you know that video baby monitors emit more radiation than microwaves?

Until recently, I didn't. And I was raving about mine because I loved that it felt safer than the old school variety and I loved that I could watch my kid sleeping from any room in the house and even outside.

Did you know that portable phones and cell phones are some of the worst radiation emitters and that the fine print you receive when buying these devices actually warns against having them within an inch of your body?

That's right, AN INCH. (Read this article for more info)

Do you sleep with your cell phone right near your head? Do you have wireless internet? A "Nest" thermostat? Wear a Fitbit or Apple watch? Microwave a few meals a week? Do you know what all of these things have in common? Radiation.

My sister and I have been talking about this a lot lately and I wanted to share because it's an under-discussed health topic that needs more attention.

We all live on our smart phones and tablets and other devices every day.

And we let our children do the same. Radiation exposure is on the rise. It's pervasive and most of us don't even give it a thought from day to day because it's... well...invisible... but the long term effects can be costly. Insomnia, migraines, DNA damage, infertility and cancer, just to name a few.

I don't think we should all throw our cell phones away and get rid of the obvious conveniences that these technologies provide, but it does help to be aware and use with caution. Watch this video to start. All 16 minutes of it (preferably with whatever device you are using a safe distance from your body):

Here are a few suggestions to reduce radiation exposure, some are on this video, others I've found on the internet: 1.) Switch out your portable land line, if you have one, to a corded one (they sell cute retro versions on Amazon). 2.) Make sure your kids watch TV a safe distance away from it (LED's are safest kind) and limit screen time. 3.) Turn your phones to airplane mode at night or (even better) turn off your wireless router. You can get timers that do it for you... Or maybe go one step further and return to Ethernet connection or fiberoptics. 4.) Ditch the convenience of video baby monitors for the old school variety. 5.) Throw away your microwave ;-) 6.) Eat a healthy diet with lots of greens and chlorophyll! 7.) Reduce your stress and meditate. 8.) Do yoga/exercise.

9.) Spend time unplugged in the wilderness. If you have to bring a phone keep it turned off. 10.) Don't use your "lap"top on your lap. Unless you want to fry your special parts ;-) 11.) Request the pat-down instead of walking through the X-ray machine at airports. It takes longer but it's worth it, especially for kids and pregnant women and frequent fliers. 12.) Limit use of anything Bluetooth. 13.) Research which cell phones have the least radiation and maybe ditch your current phone for another option. 14.) Keep cell phones and other devices away from kids, their brains are more vulnerable to exposure. 15.) Use FaceTime or speakerphone instead of having the phone touch your head. 16.) Ditch the wireless thermostats, like "the nest" and other wireless options for old school varieties. sure you won't be as cool, but you'll be healthier. ( And read this article:

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