• Cait Simmons

To all the mamas of COVID-19

To the women trying to conceive...

To the women who just found out they are expecting...

To the women who are pregnant and due soon...

To the women who have just given birth to babies...

To the partners, families and friends trying to be supportive...

To the midwives, doctors, doulas and nurses...

We see you. We are with you in spirit. We are sharing our strength and love with you.

Never forget where you come from— a long line of warrior women who birthed every generation that came before. Our mothers and our grandmothers and our great grandmothers. You are here because of their strength and wisdom and resiliency. It is their spirit that you carry with you now. It is this sacred bond that will see you through to the other side.

Let this time serve as a reminder that flowers can grow through the cracks in concrete, forests rise up again from the ashes, and seeds sprout in the darkness before they find the light.

To all the strong, brave, beautiful warrior women, know that you can do this. You are not alone.

Artwork by @spirtysol

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