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Prenatal Resources on the South Shore

My prenatal clients ask me regularly for my go-to local resources for all things pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I try to give the following businesses shout-outs often in class but thought it would also be helpful to have them live here as well.

Chiropractic care: Dr. Amanda at Seaside Chiropractic (Norwell)


Acupuncture: Dr. Caroline Moody at Essential Wellness (Scituate)


Prenatal, Induction & Postpartum Massage: Leigh Barton Smith at Featherstone Massage (Duxbury)


Birth & Baby Classes:


Prenatal/Baby and Me Classes: Studio143 (Scituate)


Physical Therapy for Pregnancy/Postpartum:


Home Birth Midwives:


Doula Services:


Birth Trauma Support

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